Water Powder Mixer
A Brief Introduction to Water-powder Mixer
Water-powder mixer is specially designed for milk, juice and other beverage production. It uses high speed to mix powder and liquid evenly.
Water-powder Mixer Working Process
The whole machine consists of a main body and a centrifugal water pump wheel which is vertically installed. The liquid and solid materials are pumped in by a double-layer wall pipe, which prevents them from agglomerating before entering the main body. Water enters the main body at a high speed and creates vacuum in the center of water wheel to suck powder. Through the valve regulation the powder is evenly entered. Thus these two materials can be mixed.  

water powder mixer

Water-powder Mixer Notable Features
1. Specially designed for dairy and beverage industry.
2. Rapidly and evenly mixing.
3. Food grade stainless steel, sanitary mixing process.
4. Convenient to assemble and disassemble.
5. Easy to clean, no need to tear apart the spares.

water powder mixing machine


Water-powder Mixer Technical Data

Model Capacity Power Rotating speed
SFH-5 0.3-5 t/h 3kw 2800/1400r/m
SFH-10 1-10 t/h 7.5kw 2800/1400r/m
SFH-15 2-20 t/h 11kw 2800/1400r/m


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