Milk Transport Tank
  Structure Characteristics of Milk Transport Tank

1. The milk transport tank is made of high quality SUS304-2B stainless steel.
2. The tank jacket adopts insulating structure and advanced technology of PU foaming.
3. It is easy to clean for CIP sprayers are fixed inside and all the inner corners adopt circular arc transition.
4. The bumper rail quipped inside can reduce the inertial impact of materials in transportation.
5. The milk transport tnak is up to industry standards and food sanitary requirements.

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milk transport tank


Milk Transport Tank Application

The milk transport tank is suitable for long distance transportation of bulk milk or other liquid products. It is applicable in food, dairy products, pharmacy, beverage, chemical industry and biological engineering etc.
Main Technical Parameter of Milk Transport Tank
Capacity : 2000L, 4000L, 5000L, 6000L, 8000L, 10000L, 12000L, 15000L, 20000L.
Temperature: -20℃~+40℃
Liquid temperature in the tank: 4±1℃
Temperature change in eight hours loading: ≤2℃
Standard configuration: quick-open seal manhole, breathing valve, CIP cleaning pipe, material inputting hole (valve attached)
Fitting material quality: SUS304, seal ring adopts food sanitary silica gel.
Dimensions: according to the size of truck chassis provided by customers.

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