Preformed Cup Filling&Sealing Machine

Preformed Cup Filling&Sealing Machine Introduction
Automatic preformed cup filling sealing machine is designed for a continuous process of cup loading, filling, lid placing, sealing and date printing. According to CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS, we can produce the equipment suitable for various cup shape like circular, square, triangle and other designated shape of the plastic cup or paper cups.
Automatic Preformed Cup Filling & Sealing Machine Feature
1. Our automatic preformed cup filling&sealing machine is equipped with electrical system and pneumatic components made in Germany and Japan to keep the leading advantage of the properties and quality.
2. Pneumatic cup auto feeding unit.
3. Two step sealing make sure the film firm and perfect.
4. Two step piston filling device permits adjustment of filling quantity.
5. Auto cutting unit and the waste film can be collected automatically.
6. Auto spray water for cleaning the outfeed
7. CIP device and air flow filter system.


performed cup filling machine

cuped milk

Automatic Preformed Cup Filling & Sealing Machine Technical Data

Model Output Total Power Operation Power    Pressure Air Consumption Weight Dimension
DGD-600F 20000c/h(150ml) 18kw 10kw 0.7mpa 1.5m³/min  6t 9300*3750*4000mm
DGD-300F 10000c/h(150ml) 9kw 5kw 0.7mpa 1.1m³/min 3.2t 4200*3000*2880mm
DGD-200F 6600c/h(150ml) 7kw 4kw 0.7mpa 0.9m³/min 2.6t 4200*2900*2880mm
DGD-100F 3000c/h(150ml) 4.5kw 2.2kw 0.7mpa 0.5m³/min 1.8t 2900*2100*2750mm


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