Paper Carton Packing Machine

Roof-type Paper Carton Packing Machine Introduction
Gable paper box packing machine is specially designed for molding, filling and sealing gable paper box with single line and single body gear box control. Competitive price and little investment. This paper box packing machine is the best choice of drinks industry for high grade package improving of the enterprise image and enlarging the sale market.
Paper Carton Packing Machine Technical Process
Paper feeding → performing the bottom of the box →heating the bottom of the box→→molding the top of the box→ filling → sealing the top of the box


Paper Carton Packing Machine

Paper Carton Packing Machine Application
Paper carotn packing machine is applicable to filling various liquid foods (such as milk, yoghurt, fresh oil and fruit juice drinks). Combined with other customized parts, this machine can fill high-viscosity, granular or solid food products of other products.
Paper Carton Packing Machine Feature
1. Simple design. Low cost maintenance and noise.
2. Stainless steel for high tensile strength and resistant to corrosion.
3. PLC control, easy and flexible operation.
4. Short time for changing box size. 
5. High filling precision and fine turning device. 
6. Compact design and less space required. 
7. Adjustable production speed, filling volume and box height.
8. Meeting USA 3A standard.

Optional device
A. Automatic lubrication system
 B. HEPA air filter, power supply system
C. CAP-PAC capping machin
D. Independent CIP cleaning water feeding system
E. Product conveying device
F. Auxiliary filling system(different filling sprayer and auxiliary parts are available for different products such as lubricating oil or edible oil that are viscous or containing granular or fibrous substances)
Paper Carton Packing Machine Technical Data

Model WDB-1000 WDB-2000 WDB-3000
Capacity 1000b/h for 250/500ml   500b/h for 1000ml 2000b/h for 250/500ml   1000b/h for 1000ml 3000b/h for 250/500ml  1500b/h for 1000ml
Power 12.5kw 14.5kw 18.5kw


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