Full Close Liquid Packing Machine
Full Close Liquid Filling Machine Introduction
The full close automatic liquid packing machine is designed for packing products in a continuous and automatic way. Bag making, liquid filling ,bag sealing, counting , date printing, ultraviolet ray disinfecting can be completed in a short time.
Full Close Liquid Packing Machine Feature
1. Two methods of photo electricity tracking pellicle sealing and mechanism pellicle sealing to choice and adjust, which can be conveniently selected and switched. 
2. Adopting hermetic structure which can prevent from pollution and ensure food sanitation. 
3. The production efficiency is high and is 1.5-2 multiple compared with the ordinary machine. 
4. Equipped with CIP clearing pipeline which is convenient to operate CIP clearing.
Full Close Liquid Packing Machine Application
1. Full close liquid packing machine can fill various products such as milk, natural yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, cream, juice, soup, soy, vinegar and medicine.
2. This machine is normally applied in coffee shop, cold drink shop, condiment processing factory, fruit and vegetable processing factory, frozen food products factory, leisure food products factory, etc.


liquid filling and packing machine


Full Close Liquid Packing Machine Technical Data

Model Capacity Fill Precision Power Dimension
YTB-3000 3000 pouch/h ±2% 380v/50hz 1250*820*2500mm
YTB-6000 6000 pouch/h ±2% 220v/60hz 1250*820*2500mm


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