Barrel Cap Removing Machine
Barrel Cap Pulling Machine Features
1. The cap pulling machine is equipped with PLC control system to pull the cap automatically.
2. Super high precision of cap removing without damage to the cap and barrel.
3. Decap rapidly and accurately, saving effort and time.
4. Automatic chain-press capping system, make the capping process more smoothly, no caps missing
5. Suitable for different sizes of bottle caps.
6. The automatic cap pulling process makes the barrel reduce second pollution and labor saving.

Barrel Cap Removing Machine Introduction
Cap pulling machines is especially suitable for automatic cover pulling for recycled barrels before washing, this machine can obviously improve production efficiency and  greatly reduce second pollution caused by manual cover pulling . The cap removing machine is erosion-proof and easy to wash. Either used alone or with other devices, the cap removing machine is one of the main pure water processing equipment. The parts contacting with material are made of stainless steel and the window is made of fiber glass.

barrel cup removing machine

Cap Pulling Machine Working Principle
Cap pulling machine is suitable for various specifications of bottle cap, of which the cylinder is automatically adjusted to pull the cap according to the cap size. The conveyor sends the barrel to the position, the decapping head descends, and then the decapping claw catches the cap and rises without affecting the conveying of the next barrel. When the cap is off and blown into a tube, it makes sure no cap missing.

barrel cup remover

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